Privacy and Policy

We understand that the security of all the personal information that you provide to us is highly essential. Hence, we always ensure to provide the much needed security to our customer. The details that you provide to us will never be shared with any other organisation. There will absolutely be no sharing of these private information with any outsider specialist organisations or outsider social event. Your private details, bank points of interest and exchange subtle elements will be used for satisfaction of the exchange and giving you client benefits.


We are committed towards safeguarding restorative and individual data security. Each and every information that we obtain is secured judicially under according to the specialist tolerant benefit laws. Our requesting framework is web based and it utilises the latest Secured Encryption Technologies. Rest assured that all the information will get the much needed specialised security along with every type of reasonable insurance. We have frameworks with shields for providing security against Visa misrepresentation. People who are attempting to utilise MasterCard exploitatively will be identified immediately.


We use 100% secured and perfect safety efforts. Our aim is to make our site a safe place for our visitors and clients. SSL 128 piece encryption innovation has been used to make the exchange process all the more secure. Encoding of sensitive points of interest is done. We also offer proper protection to our disconnected servers.